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Player kicking a ball

General Information About football

Football (commonly referred to as soccer) is the most famous sports in the globe, played in over 200 countries. One of the primary motives as to why it is hugely popular is because the only equipment needed in the sport is just a ball and any markers for the goals. Once you have two teams, the game is already on! Therefore, casual football games can be set up very quickly and easily.

As far as a formal football game is concerned, it is a sport involving two teams, and each team is comprised of at most eleven players. One of the players on each side is considered a goalkeeper and the primary objective of that player is to ensure no ball goes into the goal. Apparently, the goalie is the only player allowed to handle the ball, but only in restricted areas, commonly referred to as penalty area. The other ten players on each side are required to play the ball with an objective of scoring the ball into their opponent’s goal and at the same time, avoid conceding goals. Indeed, they achieve this passing, dribbling, and eventually shooting the ball. Apart from the goalkeeper who handles the ball, no other players, called the field players, are supposed to encounter the ball using their arms or hands.

Football setup

Football players in a training session

The typical duration of a formal football match is 90 minutes, with a change of ends after 45 minutes. There’s a 15-minute rest after the first 45 minutes of first half. After 90 minutes, the referee may decide to add more minutes to counter for lost time in each half, commonly referred to as injury time. Once the game is over, the team that scores the highest number of goals is declared the winner and earns three points in case of a league. However, if results are a draw and the winner must be determined, depending on the agreeable rules, the game might proceed for an extra time (commonly 30 minutes) or a penalty shoot-out.

Two players starting football game

Football Popularity

As earlier stated, football is world’s leading favorite sports played in over two hundred countries by about 250 million players. Nevertheless, nowadays, the game has incredibly become popular among the general population as the most prestigious matches attract crowds of 80,000 fans or even more in some stadia and much more in front of big screen televisions. In short, most people speak football, breathe football, and eat football!

Football history and origin unveiled

Although football is played by hundreds of thousands of people and watched by billions of fans on televisions from around the globe, the truth of the matter is that soccer is a relatively young sport. However, research has shown that activities involving ball kicking have been played and enjoyed for thousands of years virtually around the world. For instance, some evidence suggests that football-like games were played in China 2,000 years ago. While the ancient Romans were known to be playing a ball game commonly known as harpastum, indigenous Australians were enjoying a game called woggabaliri that entails a kicking a ball. While we cannot accurately root the origin of football, we are sure of the birthplace of modern soccer.

The modern formal football we know developed in the mid-19th century and was born in England. Although it is recorded that a game sharing similar modern football features was played in England back in the 8th century, the first attempt to standardize the game to be introduced in public schools were made in the 19th century. In fact, in 1848, representatives from Eton, Shrewsbury, Rugby, Winchester, and Harrow schools met at the Trinity College and came up with standard football Cambridge rules. However, these rules were not accepted universally, and this explains why many first football clubs in England in the mid-19th century decided to come up with own football rules. That is how the football we know today was born!

Nevertheless, The Football Association (or FA, in short), set the standard rules for soccer sport in England in 1863, but since then, they have modified them several times. Today, the laws and all rules of the game are regulated and controlled by The International Football Association Board (IFAB), where more than half of the board members are FIFA representatives. It should be noted that FIFA acts as an international governing body of soccer/football and organizes the most prestigious of all soccer events; you must have heard of FIFA World Cup games!

evolution of football
Competitive soccer-Euro2016

Highlight of Competitive football leagues

It is true that most football fans have the best football experience during most of the FIFA’s football prestigious competitions like World Cup, Copa America, African Cup of Nations, the UEFA European Football Championship, and the UEFA Champions League. However, there are several other highly competitive football tournaments and leagues witnessed in Europe and other parts of football regions. As we all know, European leagues are among the best leagues in the world, and no football fan isn’t aware of England Premier League, Italy Serie A, and France Ligue 1. If you want to speak, breathe, and eat (for those who bet), then consider following the above leagues.

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