All you need to know about England Premier League

EPL at a glance

EPL Overview

The Premier League is one of the famous English professional leagues featuring men’s association football clubs. It is most hyped English football league attracting players and fans from all over the world. Contested by at most 20 football clubs, the League (commonly known as EPL) operates on a system of relegation and promotion. A point worth noting is that, out of the top twenty clubs in the participating in the league, at least one Welsh club can also qualify.

As earlier stated, English Premier League is considered as a Corporation where the twenty-member clubs each as the major shareholders. Typically, a complete EPL season spans between two years, running from August to May. Since twenty clubs are playing head-to-head (home and away), each team has to play 38 matches. It brings to 380 games for the entire season. Most of the EPL games are played over the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) during the afternoon hours. However, some few matches can be played during weekdays, but late in the evening.

Soccer fans, where are you?

If you are a great fan of EPL, it is more probable you understand the reason as to why the above league was formed. Indeed, in early 1992, a decision was reached by the football clubs in the Football League First Division to detach from the Football League, which was formally launched in 1888, and take advantage of the lucrative television airing rights deal. In fact, the deal was a staggering one billion pounds per year to broadcast live matches.

Fans in an EPL Match
Immense popularity of EPl attracts many fans to a stadium

EPL Popularity

It should be noted that the EPL is one of the most watched leagues, probably in the world. In fact, over 212 countries from around the globe receive direct broadcast for EPL matches. It is estimated that over 700 million homes and a potential television audience of 5 billion people gather every weekend to watch EPL live games. Besides huge television audience, most Premier League games are played at stadiums filled to the brim with die-hard fans from around the world. In fact, statistics has shown that the average EPL match has an attendance exceeding 36, 000 spectators in the stadium. As such, the above league is ranked the second in the UEFA coefficients of leagues as far as fan attendance is concerned.

Currently, 47 football clubs have participated in the English Premier League since its first inception in 1992, but only six clubs have managed to win titles. Of course, Manchester United is leading with 13 titles, followed by Chelsea with four, Arsenal with three, and Manchester City with two. Others include Blackburn Rovers taking once, and the latest being Leicester with one title.

History of English Premier League at a Glance

What is currently known as the English Premier League (or, EPL in short) has its roots in an earlier European League, popularly known as The Football League, which was founded officially back in 1888. The Football League also referred to as the Npower Football League (sponsorship rights) was a league competition professional association football clubs from Wales as well as England. Indeed, it is the oldest competition in the football world, and it should be remembered that since then (1888), it was the among the top-level football leagues in England until 1992.

Despite the important success of The Football League, there was a great downfall in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This is the time in English football history where stadiums were crumbling down, football hooliganism was on rife, and supporters were complaining about poor facilities. As if that was not enough, English football clubs were banned from participating in any European football competitions for five years after a disaster struck Heysel Stadium in 1985. In 1990, the governing body of European football lifted the ban in 1990.

EPL league in the 1880s

From the 1990s onwards

In 1991, a proposal to establish a new football league that would come with new regulations and bring in more money was tabled. During one of the meetings, founder members, which included top-fight clubs in the league, established the new principles for forming the new football federation, dubbed the FA Premier League. Indeed, as earlier stated, the newly formed governing body would have full rights to economic independence from the Football League as well as The Football Association, which gave the FA Premier League license to operate and negotiate its broadcast and sponsorship agreements.

It was not until 1992 when First Division English clubs resigned from the 1888-lauched leagues to join the new league, FA Premier League. However, there is a significant change as far as football competition format is concerned; the same number of clubs competed in the top flight, and relegation and promotion between the new First Division and the Premier League remain unchanged. However, there was a slight changed during the first season, where we saw 22 clubs competing in the 1992-93 season. However, in the next seasons, regular competition resumed with no more than 20 football clubs participating.

England Premier is necessary to watch league! 

As stated in the introductory section, the English Premier League has since defied public explanation as to why its popularity has infiltrated every other corner of the world. When you speak to any football fan, everyone is talking about Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and so on; the list sounds endless! As if that is not enough, even excellent players playing in other globe’s leading leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, and much more are looking for clubs top English clubs to showcase his football skills to the fans across the world. The question, what is the magic behind the global fame of EPL games?

We sort to unravel to the above; and truth be told, there’s more than it meets the eye as far as EPL is concerned. Here are some of the few reasons explaining why English Premier League is wow to many players and football fans across the world:

  • Most English football stadiums are located strategically close to residential or business premises, thus highly accessible
  • The stadiums and pitches where games are played are beautiful
  • EPL reflects global diversity with players emanating from different countries, cultures, and languages
  • Top-notch security is maintained in English football
  • The league is highly competitive, and the quality of the football is excellent
  • The timings of English matches are well suited for all fans across the world; mostly played over the weekend in the afternoons
Fans at Emirates stadium
A ball at the center of field


As we conclude, one thing that should be noted is that EPL is one of the European leagues where players are bought and sold at a staggering amount. For punters who love soccer betting, EPL is probably one of the best leagues to earn money. Every weekend is football day, which means you will be having a huge selection of games to bet. Therefore, if you want to watch and enjoy real football, then there is no doubt that you are going to get the best experience at English Premier League.

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